5 Problems That Pet Owners with Smart Home Technology Don’t Have

Our four-legged friends are valued members of the family, but too often we have to leave them at home for hours while we spend the day at the office.

Just what do they get into while you’re gone? Smart home technology can help you check up on your pet remotely. Here are five common issues for pet owners that can be helped by smart home technology.

1. Is my pet being walked on time?

Using a dog walker is a great way to provide your pet with some company and a little exercise during the day, but trusting a pet sitter to show up at a scheduled time can be hard to do. Creating a unique passcode for your dog walker ensures that you’ll be notified when they open the door. You’ll also be able to determine how long your dog’s walk was, since your dog walker will have to punch in the code to return your pooch as well.

2. Is my pet getting into places he or she doesn’t belong?

You’ve told Fido time and time again not to jump up on your dining room table. He’s on his best behavior when you’re around, but there are times when you’ve come home after a long day to find your place settings slightly shifted. Place a sensor on your dining room table, so you’ll be notified when Fido gets up where he doesn’t belong. At least now you’ll know to wipe down the table before dinner.

3. What is my pet doing?

Sometimes you just want to take a little peek into your pet’s daily life. How do they spend the day? How often is your cat snoozing on your couch? Is your dog annoying the neighbors by barking constantly? You can access the cameras in your home using your smartphone to see what your pet is up to. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but it might also provide insights into ways to improve your pet’s time alone at home.

4. Is my pet spending too much time in the dark?

If you work late, your pet might be spending hours in the dark before you arrive home to flip on the lights. Don’t leave your pet sitting in the shadows. You can use smart plugs to automate your lights, so that your pet can keep an eye on her or his favorite toys.

5. Is my pet too hot or too cold?

You don’t want your pet sweltering in the summer heat or shivering in the cold of winter. Home automation allows you to not only check in on your home’s temperature, but actually adjust the thermostat from your mobile device, so that your pet can relax in a temperate home.

Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibility. Home automation helps keep you keep an eye on your pet while you’re away.